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Top Online Marketing Tip For Real Estate Agents

Updated: Feb 13, 2021

When it comes to marketing yourself as an agent generating leads is the lifeforce of your business. Let's be honest; if you can't get any potential new clients through the door then, you will be in trouble. It doesn't matter how great of an agent you are or how good with people you are if you have no marketing plan. There is no magic solution on where you should focus your attention. You need to try different platforms and see what works best for you.

  1. Facebook is the largest social media site where most older, more established people go online each day to watch news videos and connect with family and friends. You need to do your homework and first need to have a plan and message that people care about for you to have an effective ad.   

  2. Facebook owns Instagram, and the younger generation uses this platform over FB. IG has sponsored listings where you pay to have your ad shown to a targeted audience. 

  3. Zillow / Yahoo homes have teamed up to become the largest supplier for generating real estate leads for agents. You need to do some homework to figure out if the advertising money is getting you enough quality leads with the number of actual leads you generate in a month. Leads is a numbers game for Zillow or any lead generating platform; you must create a ton of leads to find a few quality leads that converts.  

  4. Yelp is a platform where every agent must create a profile and post at least one review to be taken seriously. You can upgrade your listing, so you stand out for new potential customers. Yelp can help build your brand within the local community. 

  5. Your website needs to be optimized for SEO (search engine optimization), where google can send you organic traffic daily for free. Getting listed on the first page of Google is not accessible anymore. Wix is a platform similar to WordPress, where you can create a website in minutes to hours of playing around with the design. You can set up free SSL, which you want on your website Google cares about that. Create a blog with 300-500 words per posting with a few relevant keywords related to your nitch real estate. You need to funnel the traffic down to a call to action contact box on your website, gathering that information to your Mailchimp CRM and building a pipeline of prospects to follow up with through sending out emails and or calling them on the phone.

  6. Press release / News release are ways to get your message seen by the global audience of journalists who will make your press release go viral when it gets picked up and distributed. Good PR will help with your SEO sending you traffic and building your backlinks, also crucial for ranking well in Google.  

Marketing yourself can be overwhelming, but it is essential to be successful from the competition. Agents also need to do doorknocking, passing out flyers in your local areas. Mailing out postcards doing digital farming is very important; you must be consistent and patient. Studies show that seeing your advertisement usually responds after about seven times revisiting the same ad. People also might not be ready when they receive your postcard. They might be ready to sell their home in 5 months and remember you if you successfully marketed them. 

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